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Injury Profile For Airborne Operations Untilizing The Sf-10a Maneuverable Parachute

Spring 2010

Deaton TG, Roby JL. 10(2). 22 - 25. (Journal Article)


Purpose: The purpose of this investigation was to determine the injury profile of the steerable, SF-10A, static-line parachute. Methods: The investigation evaluated prospectively 972 low-level static-line training jumps for major injuries that required CASEVAC from the drop zone and for minor injuries that allowed the jumpers to continue with their training mission. Results: The investigation found overall injury rates to be 8.23 per 1000 jumps, with 2.03 per 1000 jumps requiring CASEVAC. Conclusions: Overall attrition rates of the steerable SF-10A parachute were below those of previously reported non-steerable parachutes, suggesting further evaluation is warranted of maneuverable parachutes in all military services.

PMID: 20936600