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Successful Use of Ketamine as a Prehospital Analgesic by Pararescuemen During Operation Enduring Freedom

Spring 2018

Lyon RF, Schwan C, Zeal J, Kharod C, Staak BP, Petersen CD, Rush SC. 18(1). 70 - 73. (Journal Article)


Effective analgesia is a crucial part of the care and resuscitation of a traumatically injured patient. These secondary effects of pain may increase morbidity and mortality in the acutely injured patient. When ketamine is administered appropriately in the clinical setting, it can provide analgesia, anxiolysis, and amnesia for patients with less respiratory depression and hypotension than equivalent doses of opioid analgesics.

Keywords: ketamine; analgesia; pain; opioids; prehospital analgesic; Pararescuemen; Operation Enduring Freedom

PMID: 29533436

DOI: 10.55460/SXOO-ORH0

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