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Management of Open Chest Wounds in Tactical Emergency Casualty Care: Application of Vented Versus Nonvented Chest Seals

Winter 2014

Margolis AM, Tang N, Levy MJ, Callaway DW. 14(4). 136 - 138. (Journal Article)


The 2014 midyear, full meeting of the Committee for Tactical Emergency Combat Care (C-TECC) was hosted by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Law Enforcement Medicine on June 9 and 10 in Baltimore, Maryland. As the C-TECC guidelines are increasingly recognized as the best-practice recommendations for civilian, high-threat, prehospital trauma response, a focused guidelines discussion occurred to develop bestpractice recommendations for the management of open chest wounds, specifically regarding the application of vented and nonvented chest seals.

PMID: 25399384

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