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Hydration: Tactical and Practical Strategies

Spring 2023

Scott J, Linderman JR, Deuster PA. 23(1). 88 - 91. (Journal Article)


Full-spectrum Human Performance Optimization (HPO) is essential for Special Operations Forces (SOF). Adequate hydration is essential to all aspects of performance (physical and cognitive) and recovery. Water losses occur as a result of physical activity and can increase further depending on clothing and environmental conditions. Without intentional and appropriate strategic hydration planning, Operators are at increased risk for degradation in performance and exertional heat illness. The purpose of this article is to highlight current best practices for maintaining hydration before, during, and after activity, while considering various environmental conditions. Effective leadership and planning are necessary for preparing Operators for successful military operations.

Keywords: hydration; Special Operations Forces; SOF; human performance optimization; HPO; nutrition

PMID: 36827684

DOI: 10.55460/QOBG-HTOX

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