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Medical Mission to Dominican Republic: One Dermatology Group's Experiences

Summer 2013

Ahmed A, Peine S. 13(2). 69 - 74. (Journal Article)


The intents of this article are to share our experiences during a medical mission in the Dominican Republic and to provide the reader with a cross-sectional view of conditions seen and an overview of interesting and challenging cases encountered. We also discuss treatments and techniques used and share lessons learned.

Keywords: dermatology; albinism; chemdestruction; chromoblastomycosis; lesions; skin dermatoses; ecthyma; intertrigo; folliculitis; fungal; scabies; eczematoid spectrum; atopic dermatitis; xerosis cutis; polymorphous; eruption; mycetoma; leprosy; scarlatina; genoderms

PMID: 23817882

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