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Making Use of Your Assets: Clinical Use of EOD Radiography in the Forward-Deployed Setting

Spring 2021

Howard CM, Veach S, Lyon RF, Shaw KA. 21(1). 87 - 89. (Journal Article)


Ultrasonography is currently the primary means of imaging for forward surgical teams/forward resuscitative surgical teams (FSTs/FRSTs). As FSTs/FRSTs are pushed farther forward into more austere environments, access to other imaging modalities may be limited, potentially affecting resources. On a recent deployment, the 126th FRST was able to use radiography equipment from a co-located explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) team to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of medical and surgical patients, thereby saving time and resources. We provide three case examples in which using EOD radiography assisted in clinical decision making. Although the safety profile has not been assessed for clinical use in humans, EOD radiography can be a useful technique to aid in time-sensitive decision making in resource-constrained operational areas.

Keywords: explosive ordnance disposal radiography; forward resuscitative surgical team; portable x-ray machine

PMID: 33721312