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Prevention of Foot Blisters

Summer 2014

Knapik JJ. 14(2). 95 - 97. (Journal Article)


Foot blisters are the most common medical problem faced by Soldiers during foot march operations and, if untreated, they can lead to infection. Foot blisters are caused by boots rubbing on the foot (frictional forces), which separates skin layers and allows fluid to seep in. Blisters can be prevented by wearing properly sized boots, conditioning feet through regular road marching, wearing socks that reduce reduce friction and moisture, and possibly applying antiperspirants to the feet.

Keywords: blisters; injury prevention; foot blisters; road marching; footwear; load carriage; socks; antipersprants

PMID: 24952049

DOI: 10.55460/LU12-P967

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