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Functional Training Program Bridges Rehabilitation And Return To Duty

Spring 2009

Gross DL, Christopher GE, Faulk RT. 09(2). 29 - 48. (Journal Article)


Traditional clinic-based rehabilitation programs often fall short of returning Soldiers to peak condition prior to releasing them for duty. With the higher physical demands placed on the Special Operations Soldier, a bridge program offers rehabilitation professionals a way to maximize recovery, enhance performance, and hopefully prevent injuries (or re-injury). A six week functional training program is outlined and data collection from over two years is presented. Statistically and operationally significant differences were noted in nearly every category tested. Functional Movement Screen™ scores improved an average of 2.5 points. T-test improvement was 0.5 seconds. Single leg hop time improved 10%. Hop for distance improved approximately 10%. Body fat improvement was statistically significant. Kip-ups improved 32%. Vertical jump height improvement was statistically significant. All subjective fitness category self-evaluations demonstrated statistically significant improvements, except for pain. Data suggests that a program like this may be beneficial to patients and non-patients seeking a safe, effective alternative training regimen.

PMID: 19813517