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Approach to Handling Atypical Field Blood Transfusion Scenarios

Spring 2023

Neading R, Scarborough T, O'Connell M, Leasiolagi J, Little M, Burgess J, Hargrove M, Goodfellow A, Scheiber C, Cap AP, Yazer MH. 23(1). 74 - 79. (Journal Article)


Special Operations Forces (SOF) medical personnel have been at the forefront of administering blood products in the austere field medicine environment. These far-forward medical providers regularly treat patients and deliver blood transfusions in some of the world's most extreme environments with minimal resources. A multitude of questions have been raised on this topic based on the unique experiences of senior providers in this field. In this paper, we analyze the available literature and present the recommendations of several experts in transfusion medicine for managing atypical field transfusion scenarios.

Keywords: low titer O whole blood; field medicine; transfusion reactions; blood products

PMID: 36764289

DOI: 10.55460/KGHH-TT81

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