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Results Of Vietnamese Acupuncture Seen At The Second Surgical Hospital

Spring 2009

Rich NM, Dimond FC. 09(2). 102 - 104. (Previously Published)

Previously published in Military Medicine-October, 1967


One of the rewards in the medical service in a foreign land is the exposure to exotic diseases and methods of therapy which are virtually unknown to many physicians in the western world. With the treatment of Vietnamese patients by medical personnel from the United States and other countries with a similar system of medical education, new experiences and challenges are presented daily. The use of acupuncture as a form of therapy is undoubtedly as unfamiliar to many physicians as it was to us. In addition to our treatment of American casualties at the Second Surgical Hospital in the Republic of Vietnam, we had the opportunity of treating some interesting problems in Vietnamese patients who had previously been treated with acupuncture. The majority of our own staff questioned, "What is acupuncture?"

PMID: 19813523