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Tactical Medicine Training for SEAL Mission Commanders

Spring 2021

Butler FK. 21(1). 127 - 133. (Classical Conference)


The Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) project initiated by Naval Special Warfare and continued by the US Special Operations Command has developed a new set of combat trauma care guidelines that seek to combine good medical care with good small-unit tactics. The principles of care recommended in TCCC have gained increasing acceptance throughout the Department of Defense in the four years since their publication and increasing numbers of combat medical personnel and military physicians have been trained in this concept. Since casualty scenarios in small-unit operations typically present tactical as well as medical problems, however, it has become apparent that a customized version of this course suitable for small-unit mission commanders is a necessary addition to the program. This paper describes the development of a course in Tactical Medicine for SEAL Mission Commanders and its transition into use in the Naval Special Warfare community.

PMID: 33721322