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Garlic Burn to the Face

Winter 2016

Oberle M, Wachs T, Brisson P. 16(4). 80 - 81. (Journal Article)


Topical burns from the use of garlic have been reported rarely in the medical literature. Most cases have resulted from the use of naturopathic or home remedy treatments. A 20-year-old male military Servicemember presented to a military wound care clinic 7 days after applying a homemade topical preparation of garlic to the zygomatic region of the right side of his face. The patient had consulted the Internet for treatment of a minor skin lesion in that area. He created a garlic paste, applied it to the affected area, and covered it with a dressing. Twelve hours later, he noted an intense burning sensation where he had applied the garlic paste. After the initial blistering, the patient recovered without any additional treatment. Second-degree burns were an unintended consequence of the use of garlic as a home remedy.

Keywords: burns, chemical; garlic; military personnel

PMID: 28088823

DOI: 10.55460/J149-W2LL

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