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Real-World Experience With Three Point-of-Care Blood Analyzers in Deployed Environments

Winter 2015

Peffer J, Ley N, Wuelher J, d'Andrea P, Rittberg C, Losch J, Lynch JH. 15(4). 109 - 112. (Journal Article)


Austere environments such as Africa pose clinical challenges, which are multiplied for Special Operations Forces (SOF) providers who must face these challenges with limited resources against the tyranny of distance. These limited resources apply not only to treatment tools but to diagnostic tools as well. Laboratory diagnostics may provide critical information in diagnosis, initial triage, and/or evacuation decisions, all of which may enhance a patient's survival. However, unlike in climatecontrolled, fixed-facility hospitals, the deployed SOF provider must have access to a simple, reliable device for point-of-care testing (POCT) to obtain clinically meaningful data in a practical manner given the surroundings.

Keywords: Africa; medicine, tactical; testing, laboratory; analyzers, blood, point-of-care; malaria; HIV; medicine, wilderness

PMID: 26630105

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