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Pre-Deployment Training Recommendations for Special Forces Medical Sergeants Based on Recent Operation Enduring Freedom Experiences

Fall 2009

Hughes JR, Hughes T. 09(4). 16 - 19. (Journal Article)


Retrospective analysis of patient records from two 1st Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group combat rotations in Operation Enduring Freedom reveals a high volume of medical activity over a wide range of medical issues managed by Special Forces Medical Sergeants (MOS 18Ds). The initial training curriculum for 18Ds has been modified to provide graduating 18Ds with a refresher course and updated credentialing before reporting to their first unit. However, due to the high operational tempo, subsequent biannual refresher training has proven difficult for at least one Special Forces unit. Units must plan ahead between deployments to balance medic recredentialing with unit pre-mission training and individual non-medical training.

PMID: 20112643