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Riverview Terrace Team: A Novel Special Operations Forces Medic Role Emerges at the Forefront of the Fight Against COVID-19

Winter 2020

Valenzuela J, Harrison C, Barajas J, Johnston EE. 20(4). 136 - 138. (Journal Article)


During the Spring 2020 COVID surge, a team primarily composed of SOF medics coalesces in New York City, rapidly establishes a field hospital within a large academic teaching hospital, then transitions to step-down and ICU care as institutional needs evolve. Empowered to work as RNs, by emergency decree, the SOF medics, remarkable performance supports the need to define a novel role within the civilian healthcare system for these valuable, highly experienced, and underused providers.

Keywords: COVID-19; SOF medics; COVID surge; Special Operations; field hospital; RVT

PMID: 33320327

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