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Corneal Foreign Body Management at a Role 1 Flight Line Aid Station

Summer 2014

Calvano CJ, Enzenauer RW, Wenkel JW, Henke JL, Rohrbough CK, Miller SL, Howerton PH, Schreffler JP. 14(2). 9 - 13. (Journal Article)


Eye injuries are common in forward areas of operations. Definitive diagnosis and care may be limited not by provider skill but rather by available equipment. The ability to treat simple trauma such as corneal foreign bodies at the Role 1 level has advantages including rapid return to duty, decreased cost of treatment, and, most important, decreased risk of delayed care. We propose the device such as a hand-held portable slit lamp should be made available for appropriate Special Operations Medical Forces (SOFMED) or aviation providers.

Keywords: ocular; trauma; slit lamp; Role 1; aviation; Special Forces medicine

PMID: 24952034

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