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Another Civilian Life Saved by Law Enforcement-Applied Tourniquets

Fall 2014

Robertson JN, McCahill P, Riddle A, Callaway DW. 14(3). 7 - 11. (Journal Article)


Increasing data and anecdotal operational reports are supporting the early, aggressive, prehospital application of tourniquets in potentially life-threatening extremity trauma. Especially in the civilian urban setting where transport times are short, the benefit in terms of lives saved far outweighs the potential risk to the extremity. The popular press has reported frequently on law enforcement- applied tourniquets, but to date, no group has published a scientific review of any of these cases. This case report suggests that law enforcement personnel can be trained to safely identify indications for tourniquet application, properly apply them with limited training, and function as effective first care providers.

Keywords: tourniquet; law enforcement; tactical medicine

PMID: 25344705

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