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Case of a 5-Year-Old Foreign National Who Sustained Penetrating Abdominal Trauma

Winter 2016

McLeroy RD, Ellis JL, Karnopp JM, Dellavolpe J, Gurney J, Keenan S, Powell D, Riesberg JC, Edwards M, Matos R, Pamplin JC. 16(4). 110 - 113. (Journal Article)


Objective: Review application of telemedicine support for penetrating trauma. Clinical Context: Special Operations Resuscitation Team (SORT) deployed in Africa Area of Responsibility (AOR) Organic expertise: Internal Medicine physician, two Special Operations Combat medics (SOCMs), and one radiology technician Closest surgical support: Non-US surgical support 20km away; a nonsurgeon who will perform surgeries; neighboring country partner-force surgeon 2 hours by fixedwing flight. Earliest Evacuation: Evacuated 4 days after presentation to a neighboring country with surgical capability.

Keywords: critical care; telemedicine; military personnel; emergency treatment; patient transfer; combat casualty care

PMID: 28088829

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