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Tourniquets USA: A Review of the Current Literature for Commercially Available Alternative Tourniquets for Use in the Prehospital Civilian Environment

Summer 2020

Martinson J, Park H, Butler FK, Hammesfahr R, DuBose JJ, Scalea TM. 20(2). 116 - 122. (Journal Article)


The American College of Surgeons' "Stop the Bleed" (STB) campaign emphasizes how to apply the Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT), a device adopted by the military to control extremity hemorrhage. However, multiple commercially available alternatives to the CAT exist, and it would be helpful for instructors to be knowledgeable about how these other models compare. A PubMed search from January 2012 to January 2020 cross-referenced with a Google search for "tourniquet" was performed for commercially available tourniquets that had been trialed against the CAT. Windlass-type models included the Special Operations Forces Tactical Tourniquet (SOFT-T), the SOFT-T Wide (SOFFT-W), the SAM-XT tourniquet, the Military Emergency Tourniquet (MET), and the Tactical Medical Tourniquet (TMT). Elastic-type tourniquets included were the Stretch, Wrap, And Tuck Tourniquet (SWAT-T), the Israeli Silicone Tourniquet (IST), and the Rapid Activation Tourniquet System (RATS). Ratchet-type tourniquets included were the Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet (RMT) and TX2/TX3 tourniquets, and pneumatic-type tourniquets were the Emergency and Military Tourniquet (EMT) and Tactical Pneumatic Tourniquet (TPT). This review aims to describe the literature surrounding these models so that instructors can help laypeople make more informed purchases, stop the bleed, and save a life.

Keywords: tourniquets; alternate; Stop the Bleed; review

PMID: 32573747

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