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Decontamination of Toxic Industrial Chemicals and Fentanyl by Application of the RSDL® Kit

Spring 2020

Verheij ER, Joosen MJ, Cochrane L, de Bruin-Hoegee M, de Koning MC. 20(1). 55 - 59. (Journal Article)


Purpose: This study investigated the decontamination effectiveness of selected toxic industrial chemicals using RSDL® (Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion Kit; Emergent BioSolutions Inc.; https://www.rsdl.com/). Materials and Methods: Quantitative analytical methods were developed for dermal toxic compounds of varying physicochemical properties: sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, ammonia, methylamine, hydrazine, phenylhydrazine, 1,2-dibromoethane, capsaicin, and fentanyl. These methods were subsequently used to evaluate the decontamination effectiveness on painted metal substrates at an initial chemical contamination level of 10g/m2 (0.1g/m2 for fentanyl). Results: The decontamination effectiveness ranged from 97.79% to 99.99%. Discussion and Conclusion: This study indicates that the RSDL kit may be amenable for use as an effective decontaminant for material substrates beyond the classical chemical warfare agents and the analytical methods may be used for future decontamination assessment studies using contaminated skin or other materials.

Keywords: RSDL; Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion Kit; decontamination; toxic; industrial chemicals

PMID: 32203607

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