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Case Report of Infectious Myositis in the Austere Setting

Summer 2021

Sarkisian S, Sletten ZJ, Roberts P, Powell T. 21(2). 80 - 84. (Journal Article)


Although skin and soft tissue infections are common in the deployed setting, infectious myositis is relatively uncommon. Bacterial infection of the muscle is the most common infectious etiology and can result in a spectrum of disease, to include abscess formation to necrotizing myositis, toxic shock syndrome, and death. Diagnosis can be elusive, particularly in the early stages. Recognition and proper management are crucial to prevent complications. The authors present a case report of infectious myositis diagnosed and managed in an austere deployed environment, as well as a discussion regarding current recommendations on diagnosis and treatment.

Keywords: infectious myositis; myositis; austere; antibiotics

PMID: 34105127

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