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Prehospital Traumatic Brain Injury Management Clinical Pearls and Pathophysiology

Summer 2022

Ditzel RM, Hwang BY, Schmid JH, Ling GS. 22(2). 55 - 61. (Journal Article)


Traumatic brain injury (TBI) management is complex. The brain is a sensitive, high-maintenance organ that loses its ability to take care of itself upon injury, and our primary mission is to achieve and maintain optimal levels of cerebral blood flow (CBF) from the moment of injury until recovery. The authors provide a case and discuss prehospital patient management, including adequate oxygen saturation and blood pressure, early recognition of TBI, frequent exams, detailed charting and hand-off, and fast transport to the next echelon of care.

Keywords: traumatic brain injury; pathophysiology; prehospital management; critical care

PMID: 35639895

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