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Embedded Fragment Removal and Wound Debridement in a Non-US Partner Force Soldier

Winter 2016

McLeroy RD, Spelman S, Jacobson E, Gurney J, Keenan S, Powell D, Riesberg JC, Pamplin JC. 16(4). 114 - 116. (Journal Article)


Objective: Review application of telemedicine support for removal of fragment and wound management. Clinical Context: Special Forces Operational Detachment- Alpha deployed in Central Command area of responsibility operating out of a small aid station ("house" phase of prolonged field care) Organic expertise: 18D Special Operations Combat medic Closest Medical Support: Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force (CJSOTF) surgeon located in another country; thus, all consults were either via telephone or over Secret Internet Protocol Router e-mail. Earliest Evacuation: NA

Keywords: critical care; telemedicine; military personnel; emergency treatment; patient transfer; combat casualty care

PMID: 28088830

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