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Differential Diagnosis Of Shoulder Pain Followed By Progressive Weakness: A Case Report

Winter 2009

Rosenthal MD. 09(1). 16 - 19. (Case Reports)


Upper extremity weakness can be the result of a myriad of conditions ranging from contractile tissue injury, joint injury, or injury to central or peripheral nervous system components. Accurate diagnosis is important in establishing an optimal treatment regimen and sound prognosis. This report provides an overview of the diagnosis and treatment of Parsonage-Turner Syndrome, a relatively rare cause of upper extremity weakness and dysfunction. OBJECTIVES 1. Distinguish between Parsonage-Turner Syndrome and other causes of neurological upper extremity weakness. 2. Recognize key subjective findings of Parsonage-Turner Syndrome. 3. Recognize appropriate ancillary tests to aide in the differential diagnosis of Parsonage-Turner Syndrome

PMID: 19813344