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The Golden Hour Offset Surgical Treatment Team Operational Concept: Experience of the 102nd Forward Surgical Team in Operation Freedom's Sentinel 2015-2016

Fall 2017

Benavides JM, Benavides LC, Hale DF, Lundy JB. 17(3). 46 - 50. (Journal Article)


Theater Special Operations Force (SOF) medical planners have begun using Army Forward Surgical Teams (FSTs) to maintain a golden hour for U.S. SOF during Operation Freedom's Sentinel required adaptation in FST training, configuration, personnel, equipment, and employment to form Golden Hour Offset Surgical Treatment Teams (GHOST-Ts). This article describes one such FST's experience in Operation Freedom's Sentinel while deployed for 9 months in support of SOF in southern Afghanistan.

Keywords: Golden Hour Offset Surgical Treatment Team (GHOST-T); austere surgery

PMID: 28910467

DOI: 10.55460/6EZN-5KGE

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