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Special Operations Force Risk Reduction: Integration of Expeditionary Surgical and Resuscitation Teams

Summer 2018

Satterly S, McGrane OL, Frawley T, Bynum W, Martin J, Clegg C, Pearsall N, Reilly S, Verwiebe E, Eckert M. 18(2). 49 - 52. (Journal Article)


Hemorrhage in the presurgical setting has been the most significant cause of death on the battlefield. Damage control surgery (DCS) near the point of injury (POI) is not a new concept, but having conventional medical teams supporting Special Operations Forces (SOF) beyond robust military medical infrastructure is unique for the US military. The Expeditionary Resuscitative Surgical Team (ERST) was formed by the US Army Medical Command as a pilot team to fulfill a request for forces to provide DCS and personnel recovery near POI.

Keywords: Expeditionary Resuscitative Surgical Team; damage control surgery; Golden Hour; presurgical setting

PMID: 29889955

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