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Invasive Reduction of Paraphimosis in an Adolescent Male While in a Deployed Austere Environment

Spring 2017

Pham C, Zehring J, Berry-Caban CS. 17(1). 9 - 13. (Case Reports)


Paraphimosis is a urologic emergency resulting in tissue necrosis and partial amputation, if not reduced. Paraphimosis occurs when the foreskin of the uncircumcised or partially circumcised male is retracted behind the glans penis, develops venous and lymphatic congestion, and cannot be returned to its normal position. Invasive reduction of paraphimosis requires minimal instruments and can be accomplished by experienced providers. This case describes a 10-year-old local national with paraphimosis over 10 days that required invasive reduction in a deployed austere environment in Africa.

Keywords: paraphimosis; penile diseases; penis; foreskin; treatment

PMID: 28285474

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