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Prolonged Casualty Care: Bilateral Above the Knee Amputation in Afghanistan

Ahead of Print 2099

Schoenberger T, Foret B, Evans J, Shishido AA. Ahead of Print. (Journal Article)


Prolonged Casualty Care (PCC) has become an essential component to Special Operations Forces (SOF) pre-mission training. However, it has not regularly been required in recent combat operations with the availability of medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) support. Poor weather conditions at an austere SOF outpost created an emergency unreachable by aeromedical evacuation. Herein, we report a case of an emergency bilateral above-the-knee amputation procedure performed by three Special Forces Medical Sergeants (18D(a), 18D(b), and 18D(c)) and supporting Army medics with minimal telemedicine consult and guidance.

Keywords: amputation; austere; MEDEVAC; special operation; Afghanistan; emergency; telemedicine; combat

PMID: 36951633

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