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Review of the Paris Special Operations Forces Combat Medical Care Conference, Fall 2022

Spring 2023

Pasquier P, Josse F, Mahe P. 23(1). 117 - 126. (Clinical Conference)


For the first time in Europe, the Paris Special Operations Forces-Combat Medical Care (SOF-CMC) Conference, a satellite conference of the CMC-Conference in Ulm, Germany, took place on October 20-21, 2022, at the famous École du Val-de-Grâce in Paris, France, a historic and emblematic site for French military medicine (Figure 1). The Paris SOF-CMC Conference was organized by the French SOF Medical Command and the CMC Conference. Under the authority of COL Dr Pierre Mahé (French SOF Medical Command), the two scientific leaders of the conference (Figure 2), COL Prof. Pierre Pasquier (France) and LTC Dr Florent Josse (Germany), advanced a high scientific level around medical support in the field of Special Operations. This international symposium was dedicated to military physicians and paramedics as well as trauma and specialized surgeons involved in the medical support of Special Operations. International medical experts provided updates on current scientific data. They also presented the points of view of their respective nations on the evolution of war medicine during very high-level scientific sessions. The conference brought together nearly 300 participants (Figure 3), speakers, and industrial partners from more than 30 countries (Figure 4). This new Paris SOF-CMC Conference will be held every 2 years alternately with the CMC Conference in Ulm.

PMID: 36878849

DOI: 10.55460/3WQ1-Z1Z8