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Return to Duty After Severe Bilateral Lower Extremity Trauma

Spring 2015

Sheean AJ, Owens J, Suttles ST, Crossland BW, Stinner DJ. 15(1). 1 - 6. (Case Reports)


Despite the preponderance of evidence demonstrating poor outcomes as a result of combat-related orthopaedic trauma, teams of medical professionals have remained undaunted in their pursuit of innovative techniques to maximize the functional capacity of Servicemembers with devastating extremity injuries. We present the case of an Active Duty Special Forces (SF) qualified senior noncommissioned officer (NCO) with severely injured extremities successfully salvaged with a multidisciplinary program involving cutting-edge prosthetic technology and a novel approach to physical rehabilitation.

Keywords: ankle fusion; outcomes; limb salvage; rehabilitation

PMID: 25770792

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