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Submission Requirements

This page will help guide authors who wish to submit articles for publication consideration. All submissions must go through our Managing Editor, Allison Esposito, who will guide you through the process of getting your article published in the Journal of Special Operations Medicine.

The Author Requirements PDF will detail the style and format of any submissions so that you can prepare your manuscript prior to submitting to Allison.

After you have prepared your manuscript, please submit your article and any supporting documentation via this form. If you have multiple files to upload, you may ZIP the files together and send them as one attachment. You will receive an email copy of your submission and Allison will confirm receipt and be your contact regarding the publication process.


If you have pictures or other illustrations in your article, you may leave them in the article to show proper placement; however, we need the original artwork in JPEG format as a separate file in order to finalize the layout for printing. You will need to include those files separately in a zip file.

Please keep in mind that we will accept only the following file formats: .doc, .docx, .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, and .zip files. All other file types will be rejected. Maximum file size is 16Mb (or 16,384Kb in your File Explorer)

A Maroon Asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

Article Information


Lead Author's Information

Please provide your complete mailing address so we can send you a complimentary copy of the journal when your article is published.


Editorial Review Board*

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Corresponding Author's Information
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Please provide a complete mailing address so we can send a complimentary copy of the journal to your corresponding author when you article is published.


Additional Author Information:

Include all authors including yourself as they are to appear in the article, with Rank and Degrees or certifications (listed lowest to highest, starting with graduate degrees). Please include one author per line. For example:

Dr. Scott P. Graverson, MBA, PhD
MSgt (Ret) Scott P. Graverson, MBA, PhD


Article Keywords:

Please provide the keywords that describe your article. Please follow MeSH standards for choosing your keywords. Please keep your keywords and keyword phrases to 4 words or less if possible. The U.S. National Library of Medicine has a tool to help you generate properly formatted keywords based on inputs that you provide.

Be sure to separate your keywords and keyword phrases with a semicolon (;).

Any Special Instructions or notes for our editorial team